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Lisa Baum
Board of Education
350 South Main St.
Creston, OH  44217
Phone: 330-435-6382, Ext. 10104
Fax:  330-435-4633

libaum [at] norwayne [dot] net

Norwayne Local Schools has developed a district culture of teamwork, innovation, and commitment to best practices in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.  The Board of Education and administration provide extensive, job-embedded professional development for all teachers to create and update curriculum maps in every grade and subject area, including music, art, and physical education.  The mapping process provides the backbone for instructional decisions and small group/individual professional development sessions on various topics. 

The curriculum consultant oversees the following areas:
  • Professional development
  • Alignment of curriculum PreK-12
  • District-wide benchmark testing and program direction
  • Value Added training and support
  • Data analysis for district and standardized assessments
  • Progress monitoring
  • Purchase of materials aligned to standards
  • Annual revision of the district's Continuous Improvement Plan

Curriculum Mapping and Grading


Overview of Curriclum Mapping

Creating Curriculum Maps


Value Added Information

Value Added Explained


Continuous Improvement Plan (see attachment)