Accurate and Fluent Reading


Accurate and Fluent Reading Strategies:

(Turn this reading strategies bookmark into a colorful and fun bookmark for your child to use when reading independently.  If they use one of the strategies when reading aloud together, place a sticker in the box.  If they don't use any of the strategies when reading aloud together, place a sticker on the back for fluent reading! When rereading, use this fluency checklist to help your child remember that reading is not just about speed.  Discuss how to use these skills to be a fluent reader.)


  • Provide opportunities to read and reread a range of stories and informational texts by reading on own, with partner, or choral.

-Child reads text independently (circles unknown words to review).

-Read text to child.

-Child reads text aloud.

-Child chooses a fluency voice to use to reread text (important strategy is accuracy).

-Child rereads text normal.


  • Introduce new or difficult words and provide practice reading words before independent reading.

-Child reads text and circles unknown words.

-Review circled words together (how to pronounce and meaning).

-Variation: review vocabulary before reading (some texts have bold words that can be reviewed).


  • Include opportunities to hear range of texts read fluently and with accuracy and expression.

-Cut apart expression cards and turn face down.

-Take turns choosing a card and reading a sentence using that inflection for expression.

-Discuss how inflection changes comprehension when reading.



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