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5th Grade Social Studies

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US Regions Unit Test



All 5 Region Review (5 min)

West Region (20 min)


Northeast/ Southwest/ Midwest Quiz



Map Unit Test


Dr. Nagler's Lines of Latitude and Longitude


Types of Government Quiz


9-11 Sites

Freedom Tower Google Tour summary of Twin Towers



Continent Matching

Coast to Coast (pick 1 player)




US Geographic Feature Hunt









2- Bureau of Labor Statistics (more adult friendly)

3- Bureau or Labor Statistics/k12 (more kid friendly)

4-  (go into the teen heading at the top)

5- (great site if you are interested in the military OR a civilian job)

6- (go to explore careers tab at the top)


Culture Sites

World Culture Encyclopedia







1)  Read Write Think Timeline

2)  Kahoot Jumble

3)  Kahoot Multiple Choice Review









Review Materials for Social Studies Concepts


Concept &

printable materials

Review Websites 

Treasure Hunt- latitude/longitude game



Find the city and the state- latitude/longitude



Hannah's Longitude/Latitude



Longitude and Latitude Vocabulary Cards


 Types of Government Flashcards



Vocabulary Goal:  Help increase the reading/speaking vocabulary of 3rd grade students.

Each week students learn 4 new vocabulary words.  The first quiz covered 16 words.  Session 2 quiz will combine the first 4 weeks with the next 4 weeks giving 32 words for students to be responsible for.  

























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