Response To Intervention


RTI data is required as part of the IAT (intervention assistance team) process.  During this process, your child is provided with explicit research proven interventions designed to help him or her grasp a specific skill he or she is struggling to understand. 

Through frequent assessments, 1-2 times per week, your child's growth in response to the intervention is tracked by your child's teacher or the reading specialist.  This data will hopefully allow our education staff to find a way to help your child learn essential content that they can build future knowledge one.  If there is a discrepancy in what your child can do with and without interventions, it will aid in determining if additional services outside of the classroom may be needed.


You can help us with this process by choosing one of the activities in the brochures below (or sent home during an IAT meeting) and tracking the growth your child makes in response to it.  When completed, send it to your child's teacher to be included in the RTI data to be presented at our next IAT meeting in 6-10 weeks on your child.